State Website to Help You Determine Where Taxes are Owed

Do you live in Middletown, but work somewhere else? If so, you can utilize this State website, Find Your Withholding Rates by Address, to determine what taxes you may owe to another jurisdiction.

Every year, our Finance Department receives many questions during the tax filing season regarding what taxes are owed to the Township. Below is some information that should be helpful to you.

  • You should receive three (3) real estate tax bills per year. The County, the Township, and the School District send individual tax bills. The Township’s and County’s tax bills are mailed in early to mid-February, and the School District’s (typically the largest tax of the three) is mailed by or before July 1st. 
  • Your Township tax bill for residential properties includes your real estate taxes, recycling fee, and sewer fee (if applicable). Commercial properties are billed for sewer directly by the Sewer Authority. 
  • Middletown Township does not collect an Earned Income Tax; the Township does collect a Local Services Tax of $42 per year. This tax is used for emergency services and road improvements and is collected through Berkheimer, a PA Tax Administrator. 
  • If you make less than $12,000 per year, you can file for an exemption from the Local Services Tax. It is better to do this paperwork when starting a job rather than claiming the exemption after the fact. The form can be found on Berkheimer’s website. 

If you have any questions on local Middletown taxes, please contact the Township’s Finance Department at 610-565-2700.