** MTSA Sewer Certification Program**

Effective September 1, 2018, MTSA has implemented a Sewer Certification Program which requires the inspection and certification of Building Sewers and the payment of all sewer rentals and tapping fees prior to the sale, transfer, or refinance of any property by a property owner in Middletown Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania or as a condition of final approval of a subdivision or land development plan which has an existing building connected to the sanitary sewer system. The complete list of the Sewer Certification Program may be found by clicking on the MTSA Ordinances link. The inspection and certification require a minimum of two weeks to complete. The minimum standards for maintenance, inspection, repair and replacement of Building Sewers are set forth in Section 180-4 of the Middletown Township Sewer Ordinances. The following must be completed by the property owner in order to obtain a Sanitary Sewer Certificate:

1.  Complete the MTSA "Lateral Inspection Homeowner Application" (link below)

2.  Return the completed MTSA Lateral Inspection Homeowner Application along with a check in the amount of $200 to the MTSA Office in the Middletown Township Building.
3.  Schedule MTSA to perform the following:
a. Interior Inspection
b. Exterior Surface Inspection of cleanouts and vent pipes
c. Building Sewer Smoke Test
4.  Contract with a MTSA approved technician to perform a Camera Inspection by televising the Building Sewer from the  house to the street.  A list of approved technicians is attached hereto.  The technician must submit the required digital documentation of the camera inspection to MTSA for review by MTSA's engineer.  A camera inspection will not be required for any property sold, transferred, or refinanced within the past five (5) years where: a) the property was inspected in accordance with the Building Sewer Inspection Methods set forth above (MTSA and Camera inspections), b) MTSA issued a Sanitary Sewer Certificate for the property at the time of the prior transfer, sale, or refinance, c) the property owner submits the application and fee, and d) the property passes the Interior, Exterior, and Smoke Tests.
5.  Pay any and all outstanding sewer rents and tapping fees in full.
The MTSA will review the test results and the technician's camera inspection documentation to determine if the Building Sewer is satisfactory and a Sanitary Sewer Certificate can be issued.  If no repairs are required, MTSA will check to determine if all sewer rentals and tapping fees for the property are paid in full.  If payments are found to be current, a Sanitary Sewer Certificate will be issued.  If the Building Sewer is deficient, MTSA will notify the owner of the required repairs.  The property owner shall have sixty (60) days to complete any and all required repairs.  In the case of a sale of the property, MTSA will permit settlement on the property to take place prior to the completion of the Building Sewer repairs provided that the property owner provides MTSA with a contract executed by the property owner and the buyer setting forth that the necessary repairs will be made within sixty (60) days following settlement on the property, together with payment in full of any and all outstanding sewer rents and tapping fees by providing a partial Sanitary Sewer Certification.  Failure of a property owner to have the required repair work completed within the requisite time will result in the exercise of any and all enforcement rights and remedies available to MTSA under the Middletown Township Code.
Once all repairs have been completed and the documentation submitted to MTSA, MTSA will confirm that all sewer rentals and tapping fees for the property are paid in full and then issue a Sanitary Sewer Certificate.
All sewer rents and tapping fees for a property must be paid in full before any Sanitary Sewer Certificate will be issued by MTSA.