Quick Recycling Reference Guide

Recycling Containers

  • 25 gallon recycling containers are available for purchase at the Township Building for $20 each. Check or Cash Only.
  • For additional storage, any type or size container up to 33 gallons may be used. 
  • Additional recycling containers must bear the “Middletown Recycles” sticker, available for free at the Township Building, Linvilla Orchards, and Wolff’s.  Please ensure that the sticker is clearly visible to the recycling truck driver from the street. 
  • No limit on the number of containers set out for collection.

Preparing Recyclables for Collection

  • DO NOT USE PLASTIC BAGS to bundle recyclables.  Materials must be visible to the collector, or they can be mistaken for trash.  
  • All recyclables can be mixed together in containers, including paper, as long as paper is not allowed to blow away.  Use of lidded containers is best, or paper can be bundled in paper bags or tied with string and placed in or near the recycling container. 
  • Corrugated cardboard must be broken down to 12"x30" in order for it to fit in the hopper of the special recycling truck being utilized for collection.
  • Corrugated and gray cardboard (i.e. cereal boxes) can be bundled or stacked in bags, or placed in or near the recycling container.
  • Please be sure to place your recycling to the curb on the night before your scheduled recycling collection day, or by 6am on the day of collection.  

What Can Be Recycled: 


What Can be Recycled

What Can Not

be Recycled

How to Prepare


Clear and colored glass from food and beverage bottles and jars only.

Window and plate glass, light bulbs, crystal, ceramics, head lights, mirrors, dishes, etc.

Rinse bottles and jars; remove lids and ceramic bottle caps.  Leave labels on.

Newspaper, Magazines, Junk Mail, Office Paper, Phone Books, Corrugated and Gray Cardboard

Newsprint, glossy inserts, catalogs, mail, phone books, computer and office paper, corrugated and gray cardboard  (i.e. cereal boxes).

Any paper product that contains any food waste.

Insert into paper bags or boxes or tie in bundles with string, or place directly in container if lidded.

Aluminum Cans

Aluminum cans only.

No TV dinner trays, pie plates, foil, etc.

Rinse, flatten if possible.


Any plastic containers bearing the numbers

1, 2, 4, 5 & 7 on the bottom.

No styrofoam, plastic wraps and bags, toys, packaging materials, etc.

Rinse, remove and discard caps, flatten if possible.

Steel and Bi-metal Cans

Food and beverage cans only.

No aerosol or paint cans.

Rinse, flatten if possible.