General Information on Permits and Licensing Regulations

The following is a list and explanation of the different types of permits that must be obtained from the Township in order to perform certain types of improvement work.
  • All contractors must have a current Certificate of Insurance for Liability and Workers Compensation coverage on file with the Township prior to issuance of any Permit or License.
  • Homeowners may obtain their own permits to the extent they can demonstrate sufficient expertise to complete the work in conformance with Code requirements.
  • Permit application forms are available in the Township Offices or can be downloaded from this site.  Permit fees are calculated from a Master Fee Schedule approved by Township Council.  Consultant Review Fees can also be downloaded, in addition to a Miscellaneous Fee Schedule for other fees for services offered through the Township.   Fees are proportional to the extent of the work to be done. The minimum fee for the simplest permit is $50.00.  The Fee Schedule link below lists the various fees for different types of work.
  • A plot plan along with 3 sets of complete construction plans are required for most projects.  Sealed architectural plans are required for projects of 1,000 square feet or greater.