Electrical Permits

Electrical Permits are REQUIRED for the following electrical work:

  • All new electrical work
  • Modifications to existing electrical systems such as 1) new service 2) new distribution panels 3) major re-wiring
  • Services to pools and other accessory structures
  • Inspection of electrical construction shall be performed by an approved third party electrical inspection agency

Please note: The PA Uniform Construction Code, Act 45 of 1999 (PA UCC), became effective in Middletown Township on June 25, 2004.  Pursuant to the PA UCC, Middletown Township is responsible for reviewing, approving, and inspecting electrical construction within the Township. Middletown Township has contracted with United Inspection Agency to provide the expanded electrical permitting services.  Each new Electrical Permit application will be reviewed for compliance by United Inspection Agency, who will be compensated directly by Middletown Township. The electrical permit application fee reflects the fact that Middletown Township, not the applicant or electrical contractor, will pay for required electrical inspections.