Frequent Tax Questions:


 Do senior citizens receive any type of discount from the Township?

Unfortunately, not. However, if you are signed up for the Homestead Reduction Act through the Delaware County Board of Assessments you will receive a discount on your School tax bill.

 Does my mortgage company pay my bill?

This is an agreement between the resident and their mortgage company.

 How do I get my address changed for tax billing purposes?

You must send a written request to the Delaware County Board of Assessments. Their mailing address is 201 West Front Street, Media, PA 19063 or you can fax your request to (610) 891-4883.

 How many tax bills do I get per year and when are they mailed out?

There are 3 tax bills per year. The Township and County bills are mailed out early to mid-February and the School bill is mailed by or before July 1st.  Click here for more information.

 My neighbor pays less taxes than me. Why?

All properties have an assessed value. This value is considered the fair market value. The value is determined by the Board of Assessments located in the Delaware County Courthouse. The assessed value is multiplied by the Township, County or School tax rates (or millage) set for each that year to determine the base tax amount due.

 My trash hauler takes my recycling. Why do I have to pay the Township?

In August 1990 an Ordinance was adopted to establish a municipal recycling program required by the Recycling and Waste Reduction Act (Act 101 of 1988). The residential collection fee is to pay for collection costs and is established annually by Township Council. A recycling fee can only be removed if the property is deemed uninhabitable.

 To whom are tax bills usually sent?

The Township mails its tax bills to the property owner of record. If you have sold the property, the Recorder of Deeds Office will notify the Township within 6 weeks of the sale and a new bill will be prepared and mailed to the new owner.

 What are the due dates for the Township tax bills?

March 31st ends the discount period; May 31st ends the face period and December 31st is the last day taxes can be paid for the tax year.

 What if the 31st is on a weekend? Do you give an extension?

No. We do accept a United States Postal Postmark. In addition, the Township building has a secure depository box on the front of the building if you wish to drop off your payment. We also offer on-line payment services (check your tax bill for instructions).

 Why am I receiving an Interim tax bill?

New home construction or alterations to your property such as putting on an addition, adding a swimming pool or finishing a basement increases your property value. An Interim bill is the difference between your original tax bill and the new assessed value after the alteration.

 Why are Recycling and Sewer fees on my tax bill?

Recycling and Sewer fees are user fees. In the year 2000, to save the taxpayers money, these fees were included for collection on the tax bill. It saves in materials, printing, postage and collection efforts.