Stormwater Tips for Residents

In May of 2006, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection awarded a grant to Tredyffrin Township for their work in Trout Creek. As a part of this grant, the Township hired Cahill Associates to help compile educational brochures with information about how residents in Trout Creek could help improve the watershed through projects in their yards.

Tredyffrin Township granted permission to post the valuable information for Middletown residents' use and application to their  properties.  The brochures contain information on how residents can construct stormwater best management practices (BMPs) on a residential level. BMPs are methods for reducing and infiltrating stormwater runoff, a process through which the water is filtered by plants and permeates through the soil before it reaches our streams. These actions can greatly slow and reduce the volume of runoff generated by impervious surfaces within the watershed. The brochures highlight nine different BMPs that can easily be incorporated into many residential properties.

We hope that you take time to review the information on the brochures, and eventually use some of the suggestions to become better stewards of the Chester and Ridley Creek Watersheds. Please do not hesitate to contact the Township to let us know if the brochures have been helpful to you.

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