Polling Place Information for Middletown Township

The Township provides several locations where residents can vote in elections, based on the district and precinct.  Click on the heading for a complete list of Polling Place Locations in Middletown Township.  If you are unsure what district or precinct in which you reside, click on the PA Polling Place Information link below, refer to the Voting District Map or call the Township at 610-565-2700.

Voting District & Precinct Map

According to Middletown's Home Rule Charter, the four voting districts must be reviewed for reapportionment based on the latest official Census.  No district may vary in population by more than 15% of the average of all of the Districts at the time of reapportionment. 

The last re-districting process occurred in 2002, which resulted in the creation of a third voting precinct in each district.  Click on the heading to download the Voting District and Precinct Map.