Recycling - Opdenaker 2023
Special collections for recyclables improperly prepared or placed curbside after 6:00 AM will not be made.
Recycle Handout 2024 pg. 1
Recycle Handout 2024 Pg. 2

Click on the Quick Recycling Reference Guide for the complete list of items that can be recycled. 

The Township has contracted for expanded Yard Waste Collection to meet the state’s requirements that municipalities recycle yard waste (sticks and branches) in addition to leaf waste, which has been a recycling requirement. 

Recycling right is hard, but we can help.
Live Green.

While recycling right is the first step to protecting the environment and helping to keep our community clean and beautiful, it’s also important to incorporate ways to live green. Click the link for additional recycling resources, along with suggestions for simple ways you can reduce your eco footprint. (Resources)